Being in care

Being in care can be a big change. There are often lots of new people involved in your life, and lots of new things to think about.


Everyone in care has a different story, and support for each child or young person will be different. We think the most important thing is that any child or young person in care is safe, happy and healthy. 

You might have lots of questions about what being in care means for you. The information on the links below may help to answer some of your questions. You can also download the 'new to care' packs which give you lots of information - you usually get given a copy of this when you first come into care.







What Does Being 'Looked After' Mean?

Being looked after or being in care means that Children’s Social Care is responsible for making sure you have somewhere safe to live. In York, young people have told us that they prefer people to say 'children and young people in care' or 'being in care', rather than 'looked after'. Being in care can include staying with foster carers, living in a children’s home or residential school, and sometimes with an adult you or your parents already know. 


What Is A Care Order?

A Care Order is made by court. If there is a Care Order, the court has decided that living away from home would be best for you. If the court decides to make a Care Order, Children's Social Care has to provide you with somewhere to live and make sure you are cared for. Your parents and Children's Social Care are jointly responsible for you as long as the Care Order is in place. The Care Order stays in place until you leave care when you're 18 to live independently, or if your parents go back to court and the court decides that you can return home.


What Is 'Being Accommodated'?

This is when your parents and Children's Social Care have agreed that it would be helpful for you to be looked after for a while. You are still a young person in care but there is no legal order that the courts have put in place. Your family may ask for you to go home at any time but it is best if this is planned and agreed by your social worker. Your views should always be listened to in any decisions made.