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Your Family And Friends

All young people have the right to spend time with their family and friends,

unless it is not safe to do so.  All professionals know how important this can be.


Seeing Your Family And Friends

You might sometimes hear workers talk about 'contact' but this just means seeing your family and friends. All arrangements to see your family are discussed in your reviews and are one of the things included in your care plan. It is important that you let someone know what you want, how it is going or if anything is upsetting you about seeing your family and friends. If you are unhappy with arrangements you can talk to your social worker or an advocate from Speak Up.

What If You Can't See Your Your Family?

Sometimes it may not be a good idea for you to see someone. If this happens, your social worker should always explain why you're not able to see someone. Social workers can ask the court for an order to stop people from seeing you if they think it will be harmful to you. Even if you can’t see someone, you may still be able to get photographs, letters or cards from them. That way, if you want to, you can still remember them and know that they remember you.

What If You Don't Want To See Someone?

If you are worried about having to see someone, including your parents or other family members, then you have the right to say you do not want to. You must tell your carer or social worker if you do not want to see someone and they can support you to find the best way forward.