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What Is A Foster Carer

A foster carer is someone who looks after other people’s children when they have to live away from home. All sorts of people can be foster carers. They can be married and unmarried couples, or they could be single. You will live with them in their own home and they may have other foster children or children of their own living with them too.

What Is A Children's Home?

A children’s home is where the staff are employed to look after you. The same staff do not live with you all day but there will always be staff there to take care of you.

What Is A Connected Carer?

Having a connected carer means you will be cared for by somebody within your family who has agreed to be your carer and has been assessed as being able to meet your needs. This is usually a relative within your birth family but on occasions it may be a close family friend.

Living Outside Of York

Occasionally, young people are placed outside of York. If this happens York Children's Social Care is still responsible for you and your care. You will still have a social worker from York and you can still ask for support from Speak Up.

Rules At My Home

All homes have rules, they are there to help you and the people you live with to get along together and feel safe. Your carers and social worker will explain the rules where you live so that you understand.

Will I Get My Own Bedroom?

Yes, you will usually get your own bedroom. In some circumstances you may need to share a room with other children and young people, but only if it is decided this is appropriate.

Your Personal Belongings

You will have somewhere to keep your clothes and other things that are important to you.

Will I Get Pocket Money?

If you are old enough you will get pocket money. This is for you to spend on extra things for yourself. Pocket money should be arranged with your carers when you first move in. You can talk to your social worker if this does not happen.