Your education

The law says that all young people between 5 and 18 must have the chance to get a full time education and for most people, this means going to school.

Support from Children's Social Care Services

Your social worker, key worker or foster carer should help you as much as they can. They can help by making sure you have all the things you need for school and that you get the help you need with your homework. They should also come along to any meetings at school to make sure everything is going well and to help sort out any problems.

Support from Designated Teachers

All schools have someone called a Designated Teacher. This is a teacher who understands about you being in care. You can talk to your Designated Teacher at school if you have any problems in school.

What is a Personal Education Plan?

All children and young people who are in care will have a Personal Education Plan (PEP). You, your social worker and teacher will sort out your PEP.

Problems at school: what if I need extra support?

If you have any problems at school or are worried, it is important that you talk to your social worker, carers or designated teacher who will help you.

What if I am not in school?

The Local Education Authority has to provide full time education for all young people aged 5 - 18. If you do not have a school place then your carers should contact the Education Access Team so that they can help and advise you.

What's a Virtual School?

Many children and young people in care attend many schools, both in and out of York, so the virtual school is there to make sure all children and young people in care get a high level of support with their education. There's a virtual head teacher and a team who work together to help you track your progress and ensure appropriate support and opportunities are made available to you.

School exclusion

Everything should be done to try to avoid you being excluded from school. Your teachers and carers should give you as much support as possible to prevent you getting excluded. Exclusions should only be made for very serious things. If you are excluded, arrangements for you to receive good quality education should be made within 6 days.

What about getting permission for school trips and outings?

Sometimes an adult who is responsible for you has to sign a form to say that you can get involved in special activities, such as school trips and outings. It will normally be your carer or your parents. Whoever it is, it should be easy to sort out so that it is easy for you to join in with things.

What happens after I am 16?

Children's Social Care will carry on supporting you in your education right up to the age of 24 if you need it. If you need help and advice with finding training or a job, Children's Social Care will also support you.

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