I Matter 2

Have fun, have your say and make new friends!

Listening to your views is very important to us and you can express your views on being in care by joining I Matter 2! 

I Matter 2 (IM2) is part of the Children in Care Council and is for children and young people aged 10-14 to make sure you have your say too! We like to think of IM2 as SMTIM’s, younger, more fun little brother or sister.

IM2 is a participation group which means we want you to get involved because your views are important to us and can make a difference. This might involve telling us what you like and don’t like about services, helping us to design posters/leaflets etc and maybe even making videos or art work to tell people what it’s like to be in care so they can understand better.

But participation doesn't have to be boring.. at I Matter 2 you can meet up with your friends, play games, have fun and be creative.

I Matter 2 pass on their views to Show Me That I Matter, who can then pass on the views to councillors and people who make decisions at the council.

You can contact Angie Ruston about getting involved in I Matter 2, angie.deighton@york.gov.uk.


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