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Know your rights

Your Rights And Entitlements!

Rights are there to make sure you're treated fairly and well. Entitlements are things you can have or access because of your rights.

All children and young people have the same rights. These rights (called the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child) are like promises that the government makes to all children and young people to make sure they're treated equally and fairly.

You also have rights when you are living in care. The people responsible for you like your social worker, foster carer and independent reviewing officer will help you understand these rights. If you have an advocate, they can also help you understand your rights.​

There are some really helpful websites which can help you find out more about your rights. 

Coram Voice

Law Stuff

Your views are important!

Your social worker must listen and write down your views, wishes and feelings and take these seriously when decisions are being made about what is best for you and how you will be cared for. They should explain these decisions so you understand what's happening.



Free Gym and Swim

Any young person in care who is aged 11+ is entitled to a FREE gym and swim membership which you can use at Energise Leisure Centre and Yearsley Pool. If you haven’t received this, you can ask your carer or social worker to do this for you.

Free Bus Pass

All young people in care and care leavers up to the age of 21 are entitled to a bus pass so that you can travel around York for free. If you don’t already have one, you can ask your social worker or foster carer to arrange this for you. If you live outside of York, you can still speak to your social worker about how we can support you to travel around the city by bus. You may also be entitled to a bus pass after you turn 21. This is if you are in education, training or an apprenticeship. Speak to your social worker or pathway worker for more details.