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Accommodation Options

The Pathway Team will encourage you to stay in care until you are 18. Many young people still live at home with their families at this age. Your social worker , pathway worker and the pathway accommodation officer will help you to plan for future accommodation.


The Pathway Team Offers 

    • Staying Put arrangements, if you are eligible and both agree, you can remain with your foster carer at 18 under a ‘staying put’ arrangement, which can last up to 21.
    • Practical support to decorate your first CYC flat or we can arrange to have it painted throughout.
    • A setting up home grant (SUHG) for essential items and advice on how and where to get the best value for your money.
    • Support with moving into and furnishing your new home. ​
    • Support with managing a tenancy, managing your front door, budgeting to ensure your important bills are paid and you avoid rent or council tax arrears. ​
    • If you are not in employment we will support you to apply for universal credit at 18 for housing costs. ​
    • Support if you have a housing crisis or need emergency accommodation. ​
    • Advice about a range of accommodation options including, taster & trainer flats, supported, semi supported and independent accommodation. ​
    • When assessed as ready ‘Gold Band’ status on the CYC housing register.

Tips From Care Leavers 

Check out your options with your pathway worker. It is important you have the information you need to make choices about your future accommodation. ​

Prepare for your future, use the opportunity in your placement or staying put arrangement to develop your independence skills. ​

It’s a scary time; use the support available from the Pathway team; they know tons about housing stuff and they are really helpful.

Make sure you know how much your rent is and how it is paid. It will be your responsibility whether you are working or in receipt of benefits, it’s really important.

Keep to your tenancy agreement. Your first year is an introductory one so remember “you are responsible for your self and the behaviour of your visitors”

“It’s your place, be proud of it and be a good neighbour”

I Still Matter, York's Care Leavers Forum has created a leaflet to help other care leavers when they're first moving in to their own accommodation. Download a copy here or ask your Pathway Worker for a copy.