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Advocacy for children and young people in York 

Advocacy supports children and young people's right to be heard and have their views respected. 

Article 12, United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child
Advocacy is all about supporting children and young people to express their views, and helping them to understand their rights and entitlements. 

Some children and young people have a statutory entitlement to advocacy.

This means that there should be services in place so that children and young people can access the right advocacy support. 

Children and young people who are entitled to statutory advocacy:

Children and young people in custody also have a statutory entitlement to advocacy support. The provider of this may vary depending on where the young person is detained, so its best to check with the detention centre or ask the local Youth Justice Service. 

Advocacy for young people subject to a Child Protection Plan, or for young parents aged under 18 who have a child subject to a Child Protection Plan, is also provided in York by Speak Up. This is not a statutory requirement but can have significant benefits to those in receipt of this support.

Please click on the links and contact the services directly to find out more about the support they provide or to make a referral. 

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