Your Care Plan

When you first come into care, your social worker will write you a Care Plan. This is a plan of what's going to happen in your life while you're in care. Your Care Plan should include:

  • where you'll live
  • who will look after you
  • when and how you'll be able to contact your family
  • if you'll be able to return home, or if you'll need to stay in care
  • anything specific to you, like medical information/personal requirements

Your should have a copy of your Care Plan and you'll be able to say whether you agree with it or not. Your Care Plan will be reviewed every 3-6 months and this is your chance to make any changes to it. Your social worker must not make any major changes to your Care Plan unless the changes have been agreed at a review (unless quick changes have to be made in an emergency or to keep you safe).

The care plan is the main plan, which brings together your personal education plan, health plan and placement plan.