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Care Plan and Review

Every young person in care has a Care Plan. This plan should say what your needs are and how your Foster Carer/Key Worker and any other workers can support you. Your Care Plan is reviewed to make sure that the City of York Council and your Foster Carer/Key Worker are doing their very best to make sure your needs are being met and that you are well looked after. Your Care Pan is all about you and so it is important that your Social Worker includes you in this and listens to your views.

When you first go into care you will have a review meeting within 4 weeks. You will have another review after 3 months and then they will happen at least every 6 months

Your views!


It is really important that you are able to contribute to your review by saying how you feel. Before your review you will be able to meet with your Independent Reviewing Officer (IRO) who is there to make sure you have your say; this is called consultation.

You can ask for an Advocate to support you to prepare for your meetings if you would like further support. They can also go on your behalf to share your views if you don't not want to attend.

You can find out more about how an Advocate can help