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Care Plan And Review

Every young person in care has a care plan. This plan should say what your needs are and how workers and family/friends can support you. Your care plan is reviewed to make sure that the City of York Council and your foster carers are doing their very best to make sure your needs are being met and that you are well looked after.

When you first go into care you will have a review within 4 weeks. You will have another review after 3 months and then they will happen at least every 6 months.



Your Views!

It is really important that you are able to contribute to your review by saying how you feel. This is called your consultation. This happens before your review and involves talking to your independent reviewing officer (IRO) who is there to make sure you have your say. Sometimes you may want to talk to other workers you are comfortable with about your review and this is fine too. An advocate can support you to prepare for your review and can also support you during the meeting too.

Did You Know...?

You can have a say in where your reviews are held and who you would like to attend. You can also say how you would like the review the take place, you can even chair the review if you'd like to!

Review Toolkit

To help you and the people who support you to contribute to your reviews, Show Me That I Matter has helped to create a review toolkit. This includes different forms that can help you express your views and feelings. There is also a guide to reviews, which explains what your reviews are and the different ways you could contribute. ​

My Agenda

Review consultation for children and young people aged 5+

Review consultation for children and young people aged 8+

Review consultation for children and young people aged 11+

Review consultation for young people aged 14+

Your views about your placement

Your views about a placement change if this has happened ​

There are some tools in the toolkit for your social worker and IRO to complete:

Review preparation sheet - this is for your social worker to complete with you so they know your views about how you want your review meeting to take place.

 Introducing your IRO - this is for your IRO to complete and can help you to know who your IRO is and what their role is.