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There is currently an outbreak of a new coronavirus called Covid-19, which means everyone is having to live their life a bit differently to how they would normally. This is to make sure we all keep ourselves and others safe.

We want to help explain what this means for children and young people in care and care leavers in York. Here are some factsheets which explain how your workers and City of York Council are having to do things differently, and what this may mean for you.

Factsheet for children in care

Factsheet for young people in care

Factsheet for care leavers


If you are in care, a care leaver or subject to a Child Protection Plan, you can request support from an advocate if there is something you would like support with or if you are struggling. Advocacy support is provided by Speak Up, York Children's Rights and Advocacy Service and you can find about more about advocacy here. You can contact Speak Up at or 07769 725174.

Online information and advice

There are lots of websites which are keeping updated with information about the coronavirus and the impact it is having. 

  • IMO Hub - The IMO Hub provides information and advice for care experienced young people. The website includes articles about what help and support you can get in relation to coronavirus, and how to look out for your health and wellbeing. Lots of the content is written by care leavers and based on direct views and experiences that young people have shared.
  • Become Charity - This charity has some really helpful information about how care experienced young people may be impacted by coronavirus. Become also has a helpline for young people in care or care leavers to contact if you have questions about the impact of coronavirus, if you'd like some advice or if you are needing someone to talk to. Details of this advice line can be found at
  • Childline - This website includes information about how to cope during lockdown, how to manage with schools closing and what to do if you're unwell. There is also the helpline 0800 1111 if you would like to speak to someone about any worries you may have.

What if I need some extra help?