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Education and jobs

Lots of information about school, college, higher education, jobs, apprenticeships and more...

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Young people's survival guide


You can check out the Young People's Survival Guide online, it has lots of useful info about all the things you might need to know about life, and about making decisions.

Virtual School

What is the virtual school? What is my PEP? What is Pupil Premium Plus? Find out more...

Year 9 options

Choosing your options in year 9 can be tricky, here's some tips and help on how to choose.

After year 11

Have you decided what you'd like to do after year 11? Here's a look at what's on offer.


Apprenticeships are a great way to earn while you learn. Find out more...


Find out what help and support you are entitled to if you go on to university

Getting a job

Tips for applying for jobs, writings CVs and lists of current vacancies

Takeover Week

Find out about Takeover Week 2016...

Bright Futures

Find out more about work experience opportunities and skills workshops available to you