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Work Experience

Work experience placements are available in several local businesses and within the Council, offering visits, taster sessions and work placement opportunities.

Education, Training and Employment

The Pathway Team wants to make sure every young person leaving care has the support they need to achieve their goals in life.

The Pathway Team Offers

    • Careers information and advice. ​
    • To support you with writing your CV. ​
    • To help you prepare for interviews. ​
    • To support you to attend interviews in appropriate clothing. ​
    • Support with transport costs when travelling to training, school/college, apprenticeships or job interviews.
    • Support with essential tools, equipment, clothing and books.
    • Opportunities to explore work experience, apprenticeships and employment within the council.
    • Information about voluntary work that we think you may be interested in.
    • Information about courses that run at different times of the year; “not all courses start in September”.
    • Support to apply for Further Education bursaries. [NB: Care leavers are a priority group for the 16 to 19 Bursary Fund administered by Further Education colleges, which pays a bursary of up to £1,200 a year to support young people to participate in education or if over 19 the discretionary bursary for costs associated with your course].

Tips From Care Leaver

“Aspire to more “

If you are unsure what you want to do the Education, Training and Employment Officer (ETE Officer) can help you look at your options.

Ask about taster and work experience opportunities. ​

Your Pathway Worker or the ETE Officer can help you job search. Make sure you have a good CV and are prepared for interviews.

Voluntary work is good experience and good for your CV.

Make sure you attend college, training or your job, not just to learn, but so you receive your bursary or wage!

Higher Education - The Pathway Team Offers

  • If you plan to go to university we will help you choose the right course and university that matches your talents & interests. ​
  • Support to help you attend interviews and open days. ​
  • Advise and support about how to apply for tuition fees, loans and bursaries available from Student Finance, the individual Higher Education establishment and Care Leaver trusts.
  • ​Pay university accommodation costs for campus student accommodation or equivalent student house arrangements. We offer financial support for one course of higher education. This will be paid in the same way as National Funding, e.g. the length of the course (plus one extra year if required). ​
  • If you attend university, a bursary of £2,000 will be provided to help with the cost of books and materials spread over the length of your course. ​
  • We will support you with travel costs at the start and end of term and offer assistance to transport your belongings to and from university. ​
  • The Pathway ETE Officer will liaise with tutors & support services over the period of your course to ensure you receive all possible support to successfully complete your degree. ​
  • On completion of your degree, we will help with the cost of photographs and your cap & gown. ​
  • You will be eligible for gold band status on the CYC housing register if returning from your course to live in York. ​
  • For postgraduate courses - A needs assessment, to identify financial support and resources to enable you to undertake post graduate studies.

Higher Education - Tips from care leavers

Courses vary at each university so do your research make sure it’s the right course for you.

Check out the university and visit the city to make sure you will feel OK living there.

Most universities have care leaver bursaries that you do not have to pay back so always apply for these! ​

Going to university can be scary, especially if you move out of area, so remember you are still entitled to pathway support. Speak to your pathway worker or the ETE officer if you have any worries, concerns or issues about university.

Remember study hard and enjoy your time at uni!!!!

Don’t be afraid to use the support available for care leavers at uni, ask the ETE officer about it. ​

On the university page. there's lots more information about the support available to young people in care and care leavers if you're thinking about going to university.


Higher education and university for asylum seekers: You may be able to study at university if you are an asylum seeking young person, however your immigration status may affect your eligibility for support from student finance. As we are not in control of these rules, the pathway ETE officer will advise you of your individual circumstances. If we do agree to provide you with support, this will be recorded in your pathway plan. Qualifying young people are entitled to an assessment of their needs to establish whether they require advice and assistance to maximise their right to national grants, bursaries and student loans. Where, following assessment, support is identified as required over a period of time, a plan will be completed to outline the support to be provided. Qualifying young people will not as a right be entitled to higher education financial support such as the student bursary or accommodation fees.