The Pathway Team can help you with a variety of different options for your future, including help getting a job and applying for further education. Check out below to see some of your options and what support is available to you.

Education, Training and Employment Information Support

There is support available from two ETE Officers (education, training and employment officer) who can help with the following:

  • Writing a CV
  • Interview skills training
  • Advice on ETE provision and college courses
  • Support with job search
  • Help with University applications
  • Financial support for expenses relating to job search, attending interviews, etc.

Work Experience

Work experience placements are available in several local businesses and within the Council, offering visits, taster sessions and work placement opportunities.


A range of volunteering opportunities are available, giving opportunities to gain experience of working as part of a team and some work experience in a range of areas.

21-25 Support

If you wish to return to education or training once you have reached the age of 21, you can request support from Pathway up to the age of 25. We will carry out an assessment of your needs and, depending on your circumstances, will offer Pathway support and financial assistance to support with your training or education expenses.




Training Providers

There are several training providers in York with courses ranging from Preparation for Employment to functional skills training to apprenticeships and traineeships and work experience.  These providers include York Learning, YH Training and York Cares.


There are two main colleges in York – York College and Askham Bryan College – offering a range of courses at various levels.   Open events and taster days are offered at both colleges giving an opportunity to discuss the ranges of provision and to help find a suitable course.

Apprenticeships and Traineeships

Apprenticeships are available with many local employers including the City of York Council. Traineeships are also available within the Council, generally at a lower level that apprenticeships and in more ‘hands on’ trades.


If you are interested in going to University, we will support you in applying , sorting finance, writing your personal statement, visits and interviews.. We offer a package of financial support when you are at University including paying for your accommodation, a bursary and assistance with travel costs. We will also help you in applying for any financial support that may be available from University and can help to put support in place if needed during your studies.