Having an advocate


The people at Speak Up are called advocates and they are there to help you have your say. Advocates can support you to speak up when you feel like no one is listening. They can also help you be more involved when decisions are being made about you and your future.

Advocates can help you...

  • find the right words to make sure you're listened to.
  • express your views and get them heard.
  • get information about what you want to know.
  • work out what your options are.
  • sort things out with the adults in your life.
  • if you want to make a complaint about a service or the way you have been treated.
  • find out about your rights and entitlements and many many more...


An advocate is independent and there just for you. An advocate works for City of York Council but is separate from the social work teams and your carers.


Your advocate will not tell other people anything you have said without your permission, unless they are worried about your safety or the safety of another person. Your advocate will ask you who you would like them to speak to on your behalf and what you would like to share with them. ​

Advocates are there to represent you and only do what you ask. They'll stop anytime you say you don't want their help anymore.

I would like an advocate

If you would like an advocate to support you, please get in touch.

Telephone: 07769 725174 Email: speakup@york.gov.uk

Download the advocacy leaflets:

For younger children

 For young people