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Health And Wellbeing

The Pathway Team can support you to be happy and healthy; here is what they can do to support you.

The Pathway Team Offers

  • Support you to register with a GP. ​
  • Support you to register with a dentist. ​
  • Give information on getting help to pay for your prescriptions. ​
  • Support to move from children's to adult's mental health services. ​
  • Information about counselling services that are available locally. ​
  • Information on healthy living and where to get advice (including sexual health). ​
  • A bus pass. ​
  • Free gym membership. ​
  • If you are a young parent, we will take an interest in your child/ren and support you to do your best for them. ​
  • Give you information about health drop-in centres.

Tips From Care Leavers

If you move area when you leave care you may need to register with a different GP practice.

It is really important to attend your dentist every six months.

If you miss your appointments you may have to apply to a new practice for NHS treatment. ​

Your mental health is important.

Pathway can support you to arrange and attend appointments. ​

It’s important to know about your physical, emotional and sexual health to keep well and to be safe. ​

Having a bus pass means you are not socially isolated, you can visit your family and friends and not have to worry about the weather or getting home at night. ​

Care leavers up to the age of 25 are entitled to a FREE gym and swim membership which you can use at Energise Leisure Centre and Yearsley Pool.

If you do not have a dentist or GP, there are drop ins where you can get help, advice and emergency treatment. ​

Show Me That I Matter have created a booklet called 'You Are Not Alone'. They created this to help other young people in care and care leavers understand the feelings and emotions they might experience when coming into care. It also has lots of useful contacts and information about support services.