Hidden Heroes York

Show Me That I Matter has launched a campaign #HiddenHeroesYork to recognise the amazing support we all get from the people around us. We'd like to raise awareness and say thank you to those people who aren't getting as much recognition in the media.

To do this, we're putting positive messages on social media with the hashtag #HiddenHeroesYork. If you want to, you can also download one of the colouring sheets below and say who you want to say a thank you too for supporting you during this very strange time.

Messages can be sent to speakup@york.gov.uk so that these can be shared on social media. If you are planning to post any messages yourself please remember to make sure that you don’t post anything that discloses your identify or that of your worker, so first names only please. And don’t forget to use #HiddenHeroesYork!

Thank You - Colouring Sheet

Thank You - Social Worker Colouring Sheet

Thank you - Foster Carer Colouring Sheet

Hidden Heroes Post