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Important Documents

The Pathway Team can support you to gain important documents & identification.

The Pathway Team Offers

  • Your social worker will support you to apply for your National Insurance Number (NI No). ​
  • The Pathway Team can support you with one passport or travel document ​
  • One provisional driving licence ​
  • One birth certificate
  • ​To open a bank account

Tips From Care Leavers

  • Your National insurance number is very important, and you will be required to produce evidence of it for employment or benefit payments. “Keep it safe”.
  • Passports & driving licences are very expensive Pathway provide one of each “keep them safe”.
  • To open a bank account you need to provide ID.
  • Keep all your documents; tenancy agreement, bills and letters in a safe place.
  • Keep your ID documents safe.
  • Never give anyone your bank card or PIN.
House money