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Young Persons Interview Panels

Speak Up, Children’s Rights and Advocacy Service supports young people to take part in young person's interview panels.

The aim of having a young person's interview panel is to make sure the council is employing the right people to work with children and young people.

A professional interview panel does not always ask the questions that young people would like to know and tends to focus more on the qualification and experience a candidate has.

Young people are good at thinking outside the box, and they know what they want and what they need from the people who work with them. Having a young person's interview panel can be a great opportunity for a recruiting team to find out if the candidate is good at interacting with young people and paints a rounder picture of their skills and attributes.

The young people who take part in interview panels receive training to undertake this role and they always have direct input into writing the questions. 

If you are a young person in care or a care leaver and would like to be involved in our young persons interview panels you can get in touch and find out more by:


Finding us on facebook :Speak up service

If you have interviews coming up and would like to have a young person’s panel you can get in touch to find out more