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Key people

Foster Carer

Many young people will be given a place to stay with a Foster Carer who will provide you with a bedroom and food to eat. You will live with your Foster Carer in their own home, they may have other foster children or children of their own living with them too. You will be able to speak to your Foster Carer about the home set up and how much independence you would like. They will offer you support, listen to your concerns and advise you on the best course of action.

Key Worker

If you are over 16 years old you may live in a semi-independent home where you will have workers instead of a Foster Carer. You will have a main worker called a Key Worker who will support you to ensure you have all the things you need and you can talk with them if you have any concerns. Your Key Worker will also help you to develop your independency and work towards your goals. You Key Worker will not live in your home but there will always be a worker available to support you.

Social Worker

Your Social Worker will work with you to create a Care Plan. This is to support you to ensure you have a place to stay, food, access to a doctor and a school or college. Your Social Worker will help you get all of the assistance you require in the UK while you are in care. They will find you a lawyer to assist you with your asylum and immigration status. If you do not speak English, your Social Worker will use a translator to help you communicate with each other.

They should be able to help you understand any decisions made about your life. Sometimes there may be decisions made that you don't agree with and it is important that you can tell your Social Worker if you are unhappy. Your Social Worker will listen to your wishes and feelings.

Lawyer - Solicitor

A Lawyer is also called a Solicitor in the UK. They will assist you in seeking asylum, indefinite leave to remain, and citizenship. They will contact you for meetings and provide you with information about all Home Office appointments and documents. You will contact your Lawyer through your Social Worker, or they will contact you.

Independent Reviewing Officer

You will have an Independent Reviewing Officer (IRO) who will lead your review meetings and make sure your Care Plan meets your needs. Your IRO should listen to you and you can talk to your them about how you want your review meetings to take place and how you'd like to share your views.


An Advocate is someone who can support you if you do not feel that you are being listened to and are finding it hard to express your views. It is your choice if you would like an Advocate to support you.

An Advocate will listen to your concerns and work with you to help resolve them. They will not share your information with anyone else unless you give them permission or they feel you are in danger. If you require their assistance, they can also speak for you in meetings. An Advocate can:

Help you express your views.

Help you work out what you want to say and how to say it.

Help you prepare for meetings, such as reviews.

Put your views forward for you or help you speak up for yourself.

Make sure you have information about your rights and entitlements.

To request an Advocate you can contact Speak Up (Children's Rights and Advocacy Service) by...

Call/Text: 07769 725174