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As well as support from a pathway worker, the Pathway Team may be able to offer you additional practical and emotional support,

The Pathway Team offers

  • An independent advocate; available to care leavers up to the age of 25.
  • ​A peer mentor. ​
  • An independent visitor. ​
  • Help to maintain or regain contact with people special to you or who cared for you in the past, like former foster carers or social workers.

Tips from Care Leavers

An Advocate can help you to have a voice, understand your rights and to make a complaint if things can’t be sorted out any other way.

Peer mentors are care experienced young people. They have great knowledge about the options and realities when leaving care. ​

You may already have an Independent Visitor. They can continue working with you when you leave care. ​

Its important to have people you know and trust in you life and to build a good support network. There are many reasons why we lose touch with people, but you can get help to get back in contact.