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The Guarantee

The Guarantee is York's Pledge to children and young people in care. It has been created by young people in care and it says how the council should support you when you are in care. When we say 'council', this means any workers that work for the council such as your social worker, independent reviewing officer, advocate, managers, directors and more.

If you feel any of these guarantees are not being met, you can raise this with your social worker or Independent Reviewing Officer. You could also request the support of an independent advocate to help you express your views or raise any issues on your behalf. You can find out more about advocates on the Speak Up Service page.

If you have not received a copy of the Guarantee ask your Social Worker or contact


We will ensure you know about your rights and the things you are entitled to when you come into care, including your right to have an Advocate or an Independent Visitor if you would like one. 

Where you live 

We will find you carers who will get to know you and help you feel safe, comfortable and cared for. We will listen to you so we can find you the right place to live.

Family and friends

We will support you to keep in touch with family and friends and if this is not possible, we will help you to understand why.


We will help you to identify a teacher in school who you feel you can talk to and can attend your reviews. We will work together to develop a Personal Education Plan (PEP) which works for you and ensures you have the right support to do well. We will support and guide you to make the best choices after school to help you achieve your goals.

Your review

Your review is all about you, therefore, it is really important that everyone knows your views. You will have the opportunity to talk to your Independent Reviewing Officer (IRO) before your review whose role it is to make sure this happens. They will talk to you about how you want your review to take place and can support you to chair your review if you wish.

Your social worker

Your social worker will get to know you, listen to you and involve you in decisions which affect your life. This will help to create a care plan that is right for you. We will make sure you can contact your social worker, or a member of their team, so that you can get a response when you really need it.


We will make sure that you have the chance to talk about your health and emotional wellbeing and that you’ve got all the information and advice you may need.

Support until you're an adult

To help you feel more prepared for your future, your social worker will work with you when you turn 16 to help you develop your pathway to independence. Once you turn 18 your pathway plan will identify the support available to you up until you are 25, if you need it.