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Where you live


All homes have rules, they are there to help you and the people you live with to get along together and feel safe. Rules may include what time you need to be home at night or how you use the internet; these are in place to help keep you safe. Your Foster Carer/Key Worker and Social Worker will explain the rules where you live so that you understand.

Your personal belongings

You will have somewhere to keep your clothes and other things that are important to you. Your Foster Carer/Key Worker will have an allowance to buy you clothes. If there are other things you need, speak to your Foster Carer/Key Worker or Social Worker.

Pocket money

You will be told how much pocket money you will get from your Foster Carer/Key Worker and how often you will get this. It is for you to spend on extra things for yourself. You can talk to your Social Worker if this does not happen.


There are lots of different religions practised in the UK and your Social Worker and Foster Carer/Key Worker will assist you in locating your nearest Mosque, Church, Temple, Synagogue, Gurdwara, or other place of worship. Please let them know if there is anything else you need to enable you to practise your religion.

Food and Dietary Needs

Your Foster Carer/Key Worker will ensure you have food. Make sure they know if you have any food allergies. Also, feel free to tell them about food from home, and they will try to locate it for you. If you would like more, make sure to tell your Foster Carer/Key Worker.