Your Review

What is a Review?

Your review is your chance to have your say on anything to do with you being in care, and to review plans that have been made for you (Care Plan). It is a good idea if you go to your Review meetings because it’s important that you have your say and hear what other people think.

Your social worker will meet with you to agree what needs to be discussed at your review meeting and should ask you when and where you’d like your Review to take place.

Your social worker, Independent Reviewing Officer (IRO) and advocate can support you to be involved in your review and you could even chair or co-chair your review if you wanted to.

Who will be at your review?

Your social worker should ask you who you’d like to be at your Review. Usually this will be you, your carers, your parents, your social worker and your IRO. Your social worker might sometimes suggest that someone else is invited if they think it is important, (for example a teacher). If you would prefer someone not to come to your meeting you should tell your social worker or IRO. The IRO could meet them on their own or could ask them to send in a report instead.

What if you really don’t want to go to your review?

If you decide that you’d like to have a say about your Care Plan, but you don’t want to go to your Review, your social worker will talk to you about how you would like your views to be shared; this could be in writing, text, art or by talking to your social worker or IRO.

When will Your Review Meeting Take Place?

The rules say that Reviews must take place:

  • Within four weeks of your placement starting.
  • Three months after your first Review.
  • After that Reviews should take place at least every six months.

If there is a lot happening in your life, or if there is a problem with your Care Plan, Reviews may be held more often. This will be decided by the IRO. You can ask for extra Reviews if you think they are needed.