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Your Education

In the UK, your education is free and your Social Worker will find you a good, local school or college for you to attend. At school/college you will learn English and Maths as well as other subjects and you will also have the opportunity to join in with sports and creative activities and create friendships.

Your Social Worker is responsible for making sure you have access to a good education. As part of this, they will work with you and your school or college to create you a Personal Education Plan (PEP).

Your PEP is there to help you...

  •  Have your say about your education.
  • Tell school and your Social Worker what you want to do at school and how you’re getting on.
  • Agree what support, if any, you may need to make sure you achieve what you want.
  • Agree targets of things you’d like to achieve in school and if you would like any support to help you achieve your targets.

There will also be a Designated Teacher in your school or college who is responsible for ensuring you are supported to achieve in your education and reach your goals. If you are not sure who this is in your school or college you can ask your Social Worker or teacher.