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Your Health

In the UK health care is free and is provided by the National Health Service (NHS).

Let your Foster Carer/Key Worker know if you have any worries about your health and they can support you with this by making sure that you get support with your health when you need it.

Your health care will cover:

Physical health, provided by a Doctor (called GP, General

Practitioner in the UK) or a Nurse.

Mental health and emotional wellbeing, provided by GP or a Nurse.

Eye health, provided by an Optician.

Dental health (teeth), provided by a Dentist.

 Health Assessment 

A health assessment is a regular check-up that all children and young people in care are offered. At your very first health assessment you will be seen by a doctor who will ask you some questions about your health and any worries you may have. You will be offered a review health assessment every year.

Your health assessment is important as it is to check that you are getting all of your health care needs met